Seaweed & the Death of a Nap

Blogging the Slog
I've felt like I've been slogging through a portion of my life lately. Partially because I'm still sick, partially because G is getting over pneumonia. Her being ill has meant quarantine, and therefore she has become my little shadow-always right behind me so I just catch myself before tripping on her or walloping her upside the head with a heedless elbow. And instead of her getting tired of my company, she is my biggest fan. She can't get enough of me. Which is usually flattering, but on week two of quarantine, her manner is like long strands of seaweed, tangling themselves in my legs as I try to swim to shore. "Where are you, mommy?" is her little sing-song mantra, and yesterday I had to lock the bedroom door just to get a little space whilst I changed clothes. "Mommy!" she called, her little fingernails scratching on the door like a puppy that needed to go outside,"What you doing, mommy!" I don't really know why she is doing this now, probably because I am so familiar, and present. Of course she is still recovering from illness, so there is a certain amount of parental guilt sprinkled over these lines. Bad Guilt-Self says to me, "She's got pneumonia and you're whining about needing a little bit of space." I'm trying more to ignore B.G-S and just hang out with all my imperfections. Not easy!
Play a dirge, beat the drum........
(**MFX: 'Taps' plays in background)
(**Followed by 'Death of A Nap", original composition, played on pipes, recorder & toy piano.)
Eulogy: Alas, she has decided, in some deep place inside, that she no longer needs a nap.
A cherished member of our family. This means the passing of a way of life, and the loss of the quiet space during the day. In lieu of a gift, donations may be made to the Parental Caffeine Fund. So this is for you, Nap! Thank you! You have served us well.
**SFX: 21 gun salute, muffled sobs.
Clearly, I am ready for the trip to grandma's house tomorrow....G will spread out the undiluted affection & I will lose myself in the waking earth, and the careful positioning of the dahlia's tubers.

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  • veni vidi nates calcalvi: we came, we saw, we kicked butt. This was printed on a T shirt I bought at Abbot's Thrift many years ago. It encircled the NEA symbol. I wish I knew why.
  • superciliaris: shaped like an eyebrow ex: sturnella superciliaris, the White-browed Blackbird
  • rosa-sinensis: species of Hibiscus: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Lit. Rosa of China, so named by British plant hunters.
  • placentiformis: shaped like a cake ex: discocactus placentiformis
  • nudiflorus: flowers before leaves show ex: flowering quince, magnolia
  • nivalis: growing in or near snow ex: galanthus nivalis (common snowdrop)
  • muralis: growing on walls
  • mirabilis: marvellous, wonderful
  • formosa: beautiful ex: dicentra formosa, a.k.a.western bleeding heart/dutchman's breeches/lady in a bath
  • carpe vitam: get a life
  • Carolus Linnaeus: Latinized name of Carl von Linne (1707-1778), Swedish naturalist considered the father of plant taxonomy. Whatta guy.