Wild Child a.k.a. The Need for Space

G has gone to grandma's this afternoon. I sit in an empty house, tea at hand, and type. Typety-type. It is so quiet. And I can finish sentences. Like this one. And this one. It is so quiet. I start a task, I finish a task. Amazing. How did I live for 30 years before and not appreciate the beauty of solitude? Easy! I wasn't a parent. Living with a two year old is not for the faint of heart. I need space every now and again to remember who I am, that I am more than mother, that I can do things without having to think about someone else. ("Okay. G is asleep. Now, I can mop, but not vacuum, because that will wake G up. I can read outside, but not garden, because the tools are right outside her window, and it will wake G up.") B and I spend so much time creeping around our house, trying not to wake up the child. G is great, really she is amazing, but when she's up, she's UP- like a crazed party animal. You know, the one at the party who just doesn't know when to take it down, who ignores all the hostess's cues to go home. If anyone else but a two-year old were acting like G, they would either be a social misfit, or the hero of every frat party. (Same thing?) Anyway, I love my wild child (she is actually very well-behaved), and look forward to my introverted afternoon. I think I will tackle my unfinished bentwood gate. Right after I vacuum, run the coffee grinder, the blender, the weed-whacker & bang pots and pans together..........


Anonymous said...

The trick my dear, is to stay just one step ahead of your child (which is hard when she is constantly under foot). There will come a day when you can't bodily move her from one place to another and then it gets even more exciting.

It all happens too fast (can you say blink of an eye?) I wax nostalgic when I can so clearly see you, in my minds eye, at Gracie's age. Same bright as a new penny face, hair and disposition. You were and are a wonderous blessing. Hang on, girl......the best is yet to be-GRANDMOTHER-HOOD!

Camille said...

I was at a church potluck on sunday and I was speaking to a mother of 6, all under the age of 8, and she couldn't have been a day older than 32. She was saying that after the fourth one, you can't be selfish anymore. I was thinking, "selfish!?, doesn't that just mean you have a life beyond motherhood?!"

Yer doing great, sistah! I can hardly wait to see what you write for the book meme.

Read Your Way Through the Garden: Choice Tomes From Garden Literature

  • A Book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch
  • Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon
  • Making Bentwood Trellises by Jim Long
  • RHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers
  • Rose Primer: An Organic Approach to Rose Selection & Care by Orin Martin
  • Start With the Soil by Grace Gershuny
  • Sunset Western Garden Book
  • Sunset Western Landscaping Book
  • The Book of Garden Secrets by Patent & Bilderback
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  • The Hutchinson Dictionary of Plant Names: Common & Botanical
  • We Made A Garden by Margaret Fish

lotsa latin: rosa's botanical & etymological ruminations

  • vespertinus: flowers in the evening
  • vernalis:spring
  • veni vidi nates calcalvi: we came, we saw, we kicked butt. This was printed on a T shirt I bought at Abbot's Thrift many years ago. It encircled the NEA symbol. I wish I knew why.
  • superciliaris: shaped like an eyebrow ex: sturnella superciliaris, the White-browed Blackbird
  • rosa-sinensis: species of Hibiscus: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Lit. Rosa of China, so named by British plant hunters.
  • placentiformis: shaped like a cake ex: discocactus placentiformis
  • nudiflorus: flowers before leaves show ex: flowering quince, magnolia
  • nivalis: growing in or near snow ex: galanthus nivalis (common snowdrop)
  • muralis: growing on walls
  • mirabilis: marvellous, wonderful
  • formosa: beautiful ex: dicentra formosa, a.k.a.western bleeding heart/dutchman's breeches/lady in a bath
  • carpe vitam: get a life
  • Carolus Linnaeus: Latinized name of Carl von Linne (1707-1778), Swedish naturalist considered the father of plant taxonomy. Whatta guy.