Drive-In DTR

In honour of the crucial DTR (Defining The Relationship) May 04, 1997. I never thought I could be in love for 10 years straight. Amazing feat duly toasted with much chocolate and americanos at Cafe Limelight, and strangely enough, Spiderman 3 at the drive-in. I know. I never go to the drive in anymore, either. The local drive-in feels like another country,and a 3rd World one, at that. It's all so slapped together. Chipped white paint, aluminum siding, rusting cars in the corners, and the cinderblock bunker- style projection booth cum snack bar, with the subterranean bathrooms and the doors that don't lock. I felt like I should be drinking orange Fanta and eating pork rinds flavored with chile and lime. And the smell! Like old, old grease from the fryer has come back from beyond the grave, and haunts the snack shack. "Boooooo! I am the ghost of those churros from 1986! Booooooo!"
I used to try on clothes in the bathroom stalls when I would come on the weekends to the flea market. In the daylight, it looks even more tawdry and the grease smell is just oppresive. Even so, I like it. It is only minutes from the new Home Depot/Starbucks/In-N-Out strip mall; but it feels more like it's in Mazatlan. I hope it never shuts down. In the bathroom, a girl was checking out the condoms machine. It had brightly colored stickers on it with hearts, and the text was a little vague, but it was clear what they were, if you were paying attention. The girl, maybe 10, was saying to her friend, "Oh! I wish I had some money! I want one of those!" I was washing my hands right next to her so I said, "You don't want one of those! They're not candy!" She said, "What are they?" I said, "You don't need to know right now!" And then the movie was starting, so we ran, giggling sort of, to our cars to watch Spiderman, which I enjoyed through a buggy windshield. I didn't know what else to tell that girl. I just thought it was totally skanky to have these condom dispensers in the bathroom, although I guess it is good thing for people to be protected in the midst of making unwise choices.....(like getting busy at the drive-in. I mean, come on!)...... but what do I tell G about them when she is older? Eek! Parenthood!


Anonymous said...

hello hello....

i love reading your thoughts. they are shutting the drive-in down soon aren't they? i think it is up for sale and going to be medical buildings or something.


Camille said...

viva old california!

Rosa said...

Dan, speaking of the demise of good old things, I heard about your car....I'm so sorry!

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