Too Much Food

Tonight I am totally bloated; I was the guest of my Mystery Shopper buddy, Colleen. She was off to Chili's with $50 worth of eating to do. I tagged along to help out, and quickly learned that Chili's was the place to be, esp. if you want to eat a lot of fat, fried food, and damn the consequences.
Egads! The sheer volume of food that is shoveled down in that restaurant! We decided that my 'guiltless chicken burger' with steamed vegetables and cup of chili on the side was at least 5 servings worth of food! We had to order an appetizer: their "egg roll", which was really just a variation on the great American culinary theme: hot, intensely flavorful filling deep-fried and then dipped in Ranch dressing.
We are taste junkies
It reminded me of Bill Bryson's observation about American food, that it all has to explode flavorfully in your mouth and then drip all over your chin everytime. He said that Americans are taste junkies, constantlye searching for a new fix. If you go to a supermarket right now you will see them, people grimly plodding up and down the aisles looking for something that will briefly revive their dead taste buds. But I'm think I'm feeling major trauma by all the food and goo and sugar that I ate for dinner tonight-Ugh!


jessica said...

wow. that post made me feel both sick and hungry at the same time. "hot, intensely flavorful filling deep-fried and then dipped in Ranch dressing" oh my.

Mum said...

I had to quit going to Chili's. I could never decide what to have as everything on the menu looked simutaneously delicious and truly awful. Can't explain it. The Mystery Shopper thing is interesting. I went to Shadowbrook with my friend Barbara who is a M.S. It was maybe one of the most stressful eating experienced I have ever had. Lots of note taking and speaking into a tiny recorder when no one was watching. By the end of the meal I couldn't even remember my own name, let alone if I would rate the service a 2 or a 10 or if we were greeted within 45 seconds of walking in the door. Never again!! (Not even for free Shadowbrook!)

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