My New (So-Called) Life

There's so much going on right now. I am so tired! Today, I fell asleep in traffic -no, I wasn't driving-and when I close my eyes to pray over our dinner, my eyes go all unfocused & bleary when I open them. It reminds me of when G was an infant.
Today was the first day of my new life, the day I officially re-entered the workforce, after nearly 4 years since my last 'proper' job . Now I trot off, with G in tow, to a preschool in our nearby burgh, where I am a teacher. This is a job I had in a previous life, when I was young and carefree (married with no children). I really liked it back then, and I hope I can do it again. This work scenario has so many great things going for it; for instance, we can stay a one car family, as my commuter car is a jog stroller. Nice. Also, we don't have to pay for childcare, which can really be the thing that swings the whole deal. (You have to make sure you make enough money to pay for childcare, and then enough on top of that to make the whole thing worthwhile, otherwise you are just working so you can afford to pay for childcare.) So. It's not the garden dream job that I'd coveted (they never called me back, but who needs them anyway? Nyah.)
So, I taught preschool all morning, and then came home to CB waiting on our doorstep. CB is our new little baby friend who comes over 3x a week in the afternoons. This is another job, one that again, has zero commute and no childcare costs. So far so good. B and I figured out that we're working 4 jobs between us. Which sounds sort of dreadful, but it's not so bad so far. Talk to me again in a couple of months, and pray that you don't find me drooling & gibbering to myself in the corner.
God grant me strength!
Oh, and next week we're going to Alaska. Aboard this tiny ship. I hope they don't ask me to row.
(Thanks, Mum!)


Camille said...

congrats! The workforce of America is now richer!

**Ms. Franklin** said...

The kids are so lucky to have a teacher like you!

Rosa said...

you know, I tell the kids that everyday......

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