My Saturday Morning:: A 5K Run

Sub-file: But I Did.


Nori said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. We should run together.

**Ms. Franklin** said...

From the girl who a week earlier said she wasn't doing it...That is so great. Awesome picture of your number. :)

Susan Harwood said...

Dear Rosa

I am planning to drop a note about BRICKS IN THE CAVE onto some book review sites.

At the same time, I would like to suggest they read yours.

Would you mind if I give them your blog address and make a link from mine?

I ask because, although I am encouraging as many people as I can to come and read THE BRICKS IN THE CAVE on my blog, you may not want 'all and sundry' passing through a blog which is primarily there for family and friends. You have been very kind and I don't want to intrude.


rosa said...

Susan, I think that would be fine.
The internet can be a strange and vacuuous place, and there is a certain....vulnerability about putting yourself out there for all and sundry to see. That's why I don't pst personal pics and abbreviate names at times. On the other hand, look what good things can come, too: We're having this conversation!
So if you think my review would be appropriate, go right ahead!

rosa said...

Oh, and ms. franklin-that 5k was totally at your instigating, so thank you! you are so inspiring, and you threw a great Thanksgiving party. Now where did you get that hostessing gene from? Hmmmm.......

Nori-thank you for offering to run with me! I am barely a runner, more of a beginning runner-I'm still in the run-(walk)-run-(walk) stages. I'm not up to your speed!
But if you like to run/walk/run, maybe we can get together!

Susan Harwood said...

Dear Rosa

I tried to leave a note here for you yesterday but it doesn't seem to have arrived, so I'm having another bash.

This is (more or less!) what I said . . .

I sense that you still have some reservations about letting me give other people your blog address.

For that reason, I'll hold fire for another day, in case you would, on reflection, want to say you would rather I didn't.

I too, am caught between wanting to let people know about my blog (or I wouldn't be doing it!) and attracting attention from innapropriate sources!

So far, I haven't had any trouble, even though I have given out the address quite widely.

The only thing I haven't liked was when I clicked on a Google entry which was headed 'Bricks in the Cave'. I thought it would be a reference to my story so I clicked on it. At first, it seemed to be just gobbledegook but I soon realised it was a strange kind of link to a rather unpleasant marketing site. Someone must be copying the names of blogs so they can 'lure' people into clicking on the wrong thing . . . but that was through Google . . . not the blog itself.

Because I am wary, I also keep a record of which sites I have contacted and the date when I first left a note. If you do confirm that I may leave your blog address there too, I would be happy to send you that information.

So far, I have been really pleased with what has come of casting my net so widely. As well as this correspondence with you, I have had some interesting emails from teenage readers in India and Singapore, saying why they think Enid Blyton genre stories are popular in those countries (which has come as a surprise to me!). There is also a very enthusiastic reader in New Zealand, who really likes the 'outdoor' atmosphere of THE BRICKS IN THE CAVE.

(Incidentally, I have had far more correspondence by email than has been left in the 'Comments' on the blog. I created an email address separately from our family one solely for that purpose. It enables people to write to me without leaving their details on my blog for 'the whole world' to see and I am the only one from whom they will receive a reply. It also helps me keep track of things more easily than if the 'Bricks' emails arrive alongside ones for my husband and the children!)

Anyway, do feel free to change your mind if you decide that you want to. (Though I'd much rather you didn't ! ! ! ! ! .) I could always copy your review directly onto my blog and people could read it there. (Though I would be a bit worried other readers might suspect that I wrote it myself!

Anyway, I won't mention your blog address until I have heard back from you.


P.S. Congratulations on your run. I feel I have done something incredibly dramatic on the rare ocassions when I have merely had to run for the bus!

rosa said...

Thank you, Susan. On reflection, your comments are very perceptive! At first blush, I thought, "Oh, no-it's fine, go right ahead and use my blog address!" But you're right, as I think about it, I did have hesitations. Tonight I bounced the different scenarios off my husband & I think I'd like to try it out and see how it goes. We can always change it if we need to. Thank you for again for your caution and tact. I appreciate it.
You know, you can email me at
rosatoast@gmail.com if you like-I don't have a spot to put that address on my blog profile, but there it is. Cheers!

Nori said...

We can run together. Maybe one of these days, I'll ride my bike down to Felton, and we can do a walk/run at Henry Cowell or something. I don't run much more or faster than you honestly. I'm a swimmer, who is trying to ease into the running thing.

rosa said...

that's a relief!

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  • Start With the Soil by Grace Gershuny
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