Quirky? Moi? A Tag From Sarah

I am charged with revealing 6 quirks, a challenge I can hardly ignore, since it comes from the indomitable Sarah Martin. The rules, apparently, are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules (done!)
3. Share 6 non important habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag at least 3 people.
5. Be sure the people you tagged know you tagged them by leaving a comment.

I tag: Camille over at 327 Market, Jessica at red dot/blue dot , and Neal B at limn. I'm sure they can come up with something.

Quirk #1: I Can't......

Dive into a pool, turn a cartwheel, stand on my head, ski, ride a bike in traffic, figure out the allure of American Idol.

Quirk #2 Speed Reading = Re-reading

I read really fast. I always have and I consider this a detriment. When I was little I would buy a book at a bookstore, finish it before you could say 'knife' and then spend the rest of the evening re-reading it. I wish I could savor books and just take my time, but it's hard. I know, this isn't a very quirky quirk, but from it has come an unexpected benefit.....

The way I speed read (and this is not a learned habit, it just happens) is by anticipating in any given sentence, what the 'small' words are going to be-(I suppose those are mainly the pronouns)-and I skip them. I don't know how I anticipate them but I do. So, when I re-read a book, it's often like a whole new book, because I'm reading different words than the last time I read it. I know. It doesn't make much sense. But I'm a big re-reader, and I think this is why.

Quirk# 3 Pathological Spelling

If you're ever talking to me and I look slightly distracted, the odds are good that, though I'm listening, I'm also silently spelling random words in our conversation. I use my fingers to spell them, S-P-E-L-L: S on the thumb; P on the pointer; E on the middle, you get the idea. There's also a complicated system for condensing the word by combining different letters on a finger, depending on the letter. This is determined in a few different ways: sometimes by the letter combinations (CH, TH, BR, DR); or doubles; vowels can be combined, not consonants; sometimes the colour of the letter. (See Quirk #4). I've done this ever since I won the only trophy I own: 2nd Grade Spelling Bee Champion, Soquel Elementary.

Quirk#4: Synesthesia

I already blogged about this way back when Camille tagged me with her meme, so read that. Basically, I see numbers and letters as specific, fixed colors. A is red, B is brown, C is yellow, and D is a darker brown than B. E is orange, F is a darkish gray, G is yellow (gold?). I could go on, but you get the idea. Whole words are colored variously, depending on their letters, and so this is why I can stand around spelling stuff in my head-each word looks very different to me. Numbers are this way as well: 1 is dark gray, 2 is red, 3 is yellow, 4 is brown, 5 is blue. The difference with numbers is that they get twice as dark as half their number. 3 is yellow, but 6 is REALLY yellow......

Quirk #5: I Don't Eat Bottom Feeders

I hate seafood. Whenever people wax rhapsodic about their crab salad sandwich or jumbo shrimp special or sushi with the girls; I am picturing someone getting attacked by a shark, and the little pieces of human flesh floating down, only to be tidily ingested by the Hoovers of The Sea: the bottom feeders. And then we eat them. Hey, this quirk sounds like good eating sense to me, so maybe it's the rest of the world's quirk, not mine?

Quirk # 6: Aluminum Seals Must GO

When I buy peanut butter, or ketchup, or anything that comes with that little aluminum seal thing over it, you know-right under the cap- I MUST completely peel every little teensy tinsy bit off before I can resume my life. I have my priorities, after all.


Mum said...

Hmmmm...nature or nuture? I remember you trying to explain your spelling system to me when you were a wee one. I was always very confused and deeply inpressed by your abilities.
As I have always said, you are a unique, unrepeatable, miracle of God.

rosa said...

thanks mum-I definitely remember that particular phrase of yours-thanks for keeping it always before me! And which did you nurture, if it WAS nurture? The reading, definitely.....and then there's all the other quirks that were too quirky to mention-you really had a hand in those!

ferne said...

I definitely relate to your Quirk #1 and #6. I am also a good speller, but I'm sure your would beat me at a spelling bee. I enjoy your blog and it was fun getting to know your quirks.

rosa said...

ferne! it's nice of you to drop in! it's good to know I'm not the only one who upholds the aluminum seal vigilance.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosa,
I, rather than spell the conversation, type it. On my thumbs. As though my thumbs represented the full typewriter.It all takes place between the tip and the first knuckle. The tip is the QWERTY line, the middle is the ASDFG line, the crease is the ZXCVB line. Tap the thumb into the palm for spacebar and you have it. If you get bored by this you can always type in REVERSE TYPING CODE instead.

Esther Montgomery said...

A while ago, I listened to a radio programme about people the ability to associate colour and sound - and spelling etc.

They also interviewed people for whom sounds causes smells.

This gave them trouble when the letters in the names of their friends produced horrible ones!


rosa said...

eleven, i've totally seen you do this. i think i've assumed you were doing a complicated hand-flex? from all the bike riding? i don't know.

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