Non-Sequitors:A Scene From The Life

I think this is in Japan (some 'Ice Fest', says B. No kidding!)
Apparently it's sculpted to represent scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia's 'Prince Caspian'. Random!
Can anyone name Caspian's horse featured above?...... Just how many Narnia geeks are out there? And no looking it up!
A good night tonight, dinner with Joann, the Molly and one of our many Daves. Take Two and Dr. Seuss's 'Too Many Daves. ("Mrs. McCave had 23 sons and she named them all Dave.....") Although all of our Daves are unique and much loved. We ended up praying together for a friend's brother, who is seriously suffering with mental illness. It sounds so hard. After they left, I was listening to 'This American Life" (how I dearly love podcasts!) about a man who suffered a stroke. They talked about how his mind was affected, turning him into this entirely other, completely annoying, person. The show was about how families don't change, and his segment highlighted the situation where he wanted to change, and everyone else in his family wanted him to change, but it was impossible. It was sad, and yet hopeful too, for it showed how his wife stuck with him, and even had more kids with him after the injury. I don't know what I'd do if this happened to B, or to myself. I hope I'd have grace for him, (and he for me), but I don't know. I don't really think I have any amount of 'staying power' in me-my reserves of patience and endurance are miserably shallow. This is probably what "abiding in the vine" produces; one of the most visceral images Jesus used to explain our relationship with him. Like vines and branches and fruit. So organic and knit together. I'm beginning to sound like the Molly. And that's not a bad thing!
To Sleep, Perchance.....
It really is time for a lot of sleeping to happen now. I think now, like I did when G was a baby, "Quick! Go to sleep! She's beating me!" Whenever she was asleep and I wasn't, I'd think this, and immediately want to lay down and nap-it was dreadful thinking of her sleeping, filling up her sleep reserves while mine dwindled away like so much bath water down the drain. Things are much better now, but she's still up like a little Pop-Tart in the AM, (like her dad); I need to be the awake, in-charge person between the two of us, not just wimpering and clutching my coffee cup, gibbering to myself like Milton from Office Space- "I was told that I could sleep until a reasonable hour......"


Anonymous said...

...molly and i spent most of the drive down graham hill explaining to each other our various reasons why you two are so exemplary to us. b with the poem he wrote you, his steadfastness and domestic nature. YOU, with the knowledge that is for sharing, never a stating for vanity's sake, and your attentiveness to details-- like the water coming out the pitcher-- or the leaning in that you do with your heart so that you hear us better...

hmm...knowing you are the mother that you are and the sleeper too gives me hope...for i will never be a marry poppins but its good to know there are other more interesting and enlivened options for parenthood...

susie said...

Destrier. ;)

rosa said...

Got it in one!

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