They Are Pink: Jesus & the Umbrella Man

So G chalked this today, right by the front door. It's Jesus. (See? Can't you tell?) Didn't you know he had googly eyes and wore scribble shirts? And He's pink because "it's His only favorite color." I asked her why she decided to draw a picture of Jesus and she said, "Because I love Him."
This Little Light of Mine
These days it's like a foot-stompin' Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' tent revival around our house. She's been bellowing away about Peter, James & John in a sailboat, and how He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Ha-Ha-Hallelujah, and our recent favorite, the story of "Ikea-us" who climbed up the sycamore tree. It goes like this:

"Ikea-us was a great little man,
And a great little man was he!
He climbed up in the sycamore tree
For the Lord he wanted to see.
And as the pastor passed his way,
He looked up in the tree,
And he said to him,
"Ikea-us, you come down from there!
For I'm coming to your tea party!"

I love the hodge podge of her world. Zacchaeus has become Ikeaus, and Jesus is coming to his tea party. She got an umbrella for her birthday, and pretty soon started walking veeery slowly underneath it. "I'm just like Robert downtown!" Which is something that probably only Santa Cruzans will understand-we have our own slow-walking, dressed all in pink, umbrella-toting guy. People call him Pink Umbrella Man. His name is Robert. G is fascinated/creeped out by him. So am I. It's not the pink clothes (I know preschoolers who could out-pink him anyday.) It's not the umbrella. It's not even the tattered pom pom scarf and poodle purse. It's the probing smile he gives, imploring, inviting scrutiny. "Look at me!" He seems to say, "Notice how weird I am acting!" With eyes too wide, holding my gaze until I break away. Last year we saw a group of guys run from behind him, grab his arms and rush him down the street swinging him and yelling. They ran right by us, we were sitting in front of Lulu's, drinking coffee. All the people around us started yelling at the guys,"Leave him alone!" and booing and hissing. I was so proud of all of us neurological typicals (as B calls them at his work). I mean Robert may be crazy, but he's our crazy. Hands off! I'm so glad G has the chance to be around people like Robert, who are different than her (except for the high pink factor in their wardrobes.) I want her to learn that God loves all of us here, umbrella or no. And that we must love each other like He loves us.
A few congratulations:
to Gavin & Julie, getting married on Friday.
to Will & Mariana, who gave birth to Liam last week.
to Camille & Dutch, engaged!


Susan Harwood said...

There was a man near where I used to live who always wore women's clothes. He was very tall, well built and always wore glamourous, shiny, sequiny clothes and carried a tape machine which played Buddy Holly songs(loudly).

Some women friends went to him one day and said

"If you want to dress in women's clothes, fine - but you don't look in the least bit feminine. Would you like us to help you choose clothes which would make you look more like a woman?"

(I thought this was incredibly brave of them!)

But he turned down their offer. He said he wasn't trying to look like a woman. He was trying to look exactly how he did look!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Here in small town Tx we have an elderly man who rides around town on a riding lawn mower. He goes by Gator. He has been sick lately and everyone misses him. Weird is good, it teaches acceptance.

heidi anne said...

I love this. I laughed out loud and read it to the joey. And the whole of the blog. The poetry and all of it LEAPS to my soul. How I love you and hope to become deeper, more so friends. Plus your G is a fabulous one. Of course Jesus loves only pink.

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