I'm actually incredibly disgusted by the taste of Scotland's national beverage, but we spoke with a friend of ours over there (see Tunnock's tea cake on the side bar)this morning, and so I've got Scotland on the brain....and here is the debut of YouTube on rosa-sinensis. (sigh.....it's all downhill from here....)


rosa said...

er-just realized that this makes it sound like I think all blogs with YouTube clips are somehow "downhill" of this one, like r-s is a cut above or something. Not true!
Several of the blogs I read have frequent You Tube clips, and they have made the experience all the richer. I'm thinking of Franny's, Jon's, & Joann's particular....so an apology to them.

franny said...

Wow ! I try to stay away from the YouTube clips, unless they're really important. So thanks !

And man, I LOOOVE the taste of Irn Bru. I always want one when I open my cell phone bill (I have AT&T, their logo and packaging is orange and blue like the Irn Bru can).

Also, it really is a great hangover cure. Tastier than oysters, at least.

Mum said...

I have to confess-I hung around and watched ALL of the Bru adverts-ingenious! I loved the Goth kids at the beach. Gosh only 2 weeks in Scotland and I feel kind of homesick. Guess its the roots thing. Thanks Rosa!

rosa said...

Yeah, the Goth kids advert was great. And funny, since there is such a huge Goth presence in Glasgow & Edinburgh. That was an actual Irn-Bru roller coaster from Blackpool, btw, I was reading about it on Wiki.

Franny-I tried hard to like Irn-Bru. But a drink that people variously describe as tasting like
bubblegum, cinnamon, and seaweed can only be horrible.
I'm also prejudiced against it b/c of the stories from inner-city Glasgow of mothers giving it to babies in bottles b/c it contained "iron"! (And subsequent stories of high percentages of rotting baby teeth...not that we don't have our own sugary teeth rotting swill here too...)

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