Mixed Tape

I keep all my old tapes in a rusted metal bread box. They are some of the hangers-on of my past, sentimental and awkward, taking up room, hardly working anymore, and full of memories. There's not many left, only about 20 or so, and the tape player on my stereo barely works, so I hardly ever look in there. But I did this week, & I unearthed an old mixed tape; woefully garbled, wobbly and sad. But it contains many gems, and so I am on the hunt for all of these songs on CD or mp3. We'll see how it goes.

So far I am a little disappointed with iTunes, for neglecting almost all of the Throwing Muses early albums, and for having only one rather obscure album by the Smiths. Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart by Camper Van Beethoven is also sadly missing. How am I going to get a hold of their finest song, "She Divines Water"?I should ask their guitarist, Greg Lisher, he works in downtown SC , except he's my secret guitar hero crush, and I'm too shy.
All I could garner was a beautiful song by the Pogues 'I'll Love You to the End' as well as Mark Heard's opus 'Strong Hand of Love.'
What is it about mixes, that are so evocative? All about invoking a particular season of life. As I listen to this poor little tape, wobbling it's way through my speakers, it's suddenly 11 years ago and I am falling in love for the first time......


franny said...

As soon as I saw the title of this blog, I thought "TRACK LIST. POST IT. NOW!". I want to know what's on there ! And since you're actually looking for this stuff, I think I might have some of it.

rosa said...

So, Franny, I think I just lost that tape! Still looking.

Anonymous said...

I still have about 20 mix (we called them compilations) tapes left too. Fortunately, mine are still in great condition, probably because I never had a car of my own in h.s. and so didn't keep my tapes lying around in it. Some of the songs I don't even know the name or artist of! Most are old boyfriends, but D is not jealous, either because he has forgotten their origin, or he forgives them for their excellent taste in music.
I pulled some of them out the other day and was pleasantly reminded of the following:
peter himmelman--impermanent things
morrissey--angel, angel down we go together
pet shop boys--my october symphony, king's cross
lightning seeds--bound in a nutshell
kate bush--the man with the child in his eyes
poi dog pondering--spending the day in the shirt that you wore
smiths--shelia take a bow
bob geldolf--the great song of indifference
innocence mission--curious (you would love this song, Rosa, if you don't know it already)
elvis costello--shipbuilding

(selections from three compilations, one guy)

: ) Blessed

P.S. As I sit here typing, my girls (2 at the table, 1 on the potty) are calling out in unison, "We wanna vote! We wanna vote!" A little carry-over from July 4 and the little suffragettes on parade. I thought would give you a smile.

Anonymous said...

hey, look what I found!



rosa said...

that's so funny! Actually a lightning seeds song is on this compilation-'All I Want' and it's on my list of songs to find. iTunes doesn't have it. I love the Innoncence Mission, and I can't believe we've never talked about it. Let's see....'shipbuilding' is one of my favorite ballads of all time. I forgot all about poi dog pondering, and now sheila take a bow is pleasantly in MY head too.I'm really after 'Stop me.....' by the Smiths, the guitar intro framed much of my 15th year.

"Give the girl cubs the vote!"

rosa said...

yay! You found 'She Divines Water'! Hurray! I've never seen the video!

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