Scene: darkened bedroom, child in bed calling to her mother. It is the last gasp of the evening's bedtime routine. Books have been read, prayers said, lights turned out about 10 minutes previous.
child: "Mommy! Mommy!"r
Mother enters, kneels by bed.
child: "I decided I want to be a teacher when I grow up!"
mother: "That's great, honey! Just like daddy and mommy!"
child: "Yeah, and Auntie Susie!"
mother (voice slightly quavering at the magnitude of this, her first born's choice of career): "You know, you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up!"
child: "Oh good! Because I also want to be a duck."


Anonymous said...

Maybe she can teach ducks. Or maybe she jokes. Mr. Eleven is reminding me that she has been known to make absurdist jokes in the past.

rosa said...

Now she wants to be a writer. And she corrected me-it was a DUCKLING, not just a duck. She is nothing if not specific in her word usage right now. Oftentimes it's cute, but usually just completely annoying. I wonder who she could take after?

smalls said...

Wow. Is she always this ridiculously cute? I mean, she seems to be everytime we see her... ;o) Awesome!

Esther Montgomery said...

Good choice!


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