Accio Plot!

Has anyone else found the new Harry Potter movie to be as underwhelming as I did? My expectations were a tad too high......I think I might have forgotten Rule #1 when Viewing Movies Made From Books, namely "'Libri est Melior"-'The Book is Better.' In this case, half the book is missing from the movie. Unfortunately, it's the half that made the book so good.
The worst part of it is that now that the series has been completed (no more HP books to come) the best thing I have to look forward to is another underdeveloped, rushed-through, apocryphal, thumbnail-sketch-of a movie next year with 'Deathly Hallows'..........
But I did find a good article about JK Rowling and the Christian themes of Harry Potter. Her last little quote at the end is the best. Here it be. And to bed I go!


smalls said...

True... but did you really want to sit through a ten hour movie? The final book is being divided in two - perhaps simply to make more money for the studios, but hopefully to be able to cram more of the actual plot in... tie up loose ends... not leave us quite as wanting.

I would HATE to be one of those who has not read the books and not kept the past movies current in my mind... and still went to see movie six. Can you imagine the confusion?

I must say, however, that cinematically this was a better movie... Perhaps they tried a bit too hard (some camera angles and imagery were overused by the end) *BUT* much of the acting was greatly improved. Draco was quite good, methinks, and Ron's love potion scenes made me truly chuckle. Ginny's grown up a bit, eh?

OK, enough geeking out on HP on your blog. ;o) Miss you!!!

The Yorks said...

I love geeking out on HP. Thanks for the article rosa!

rosa said...

My favorite parts were Draco and the Room of Req. and Ron's love potion-B & I think Rupert's the one to make it outside the HP movies. I think Dumbledore should have been more....elegant, enigmatic & whimsical, it's hard to imagine this Dumbledore making jokes about ear wax flavored Every Flavor Beans, or half of the Dumbledore jokes in the book. This one's too gruff.
Ginny was more grown up, and it was good. But I was really looking forward to the big fight scene in the end with the D.A. and Aurors battling the Death Eaters. I'd much rather have seen that than the apocryphal scene with the Burrow on fire. But, as you say, it would have made for a VERY long movie......miss you too!

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