three dreams

Dream No. 1:
My sister has just started dating Barak Obama, who, in Dreamland, is younger and unmarried. I get to meet him, and he is nervous about meeting the family. I warn him about my dad, and he asks for tips on how to make a good impression. I shrug and then let Obama buy the first round of drinks, and feel like a sponge. "Well, he is the leader of the free world," I say, to console myself.
Dream No. 2:
I am walking with my sister in law, K, down a steep San Francisco street towards an outdoor event. There are alot of people milling about. Suddenly, K darts into an open doorway. Barak Obama sits in the darkness with his staff and advisors, shaking hands and making statements. K calmly introduces herself and I tumble in on her heels, feeling foolish and tongue-tied. Suddenly, over a loudspeaker, we hear that the L.A. marathon is about to begin (even though we are definitely in San Francisco). I leave with K and am horrified to discover that she has entered the marathon, and I must as well.
Dream No. 3: I am nursing H. It is bedtime but because of some floods we have been made homeless. We are with a group of other people, (maybe at a shelter). There are no beds so we have to all sleep together in a clump, sitting upright in chairs. We try to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, sitting in a circle and putting our feet up on each other's laps. Barak Obama and Joe Biden appear, wearing yamulkes and suits without the jackets, only the shirtsleeves and vests. They begin to fuss around us, tucking blankets around our legs. I am sycophantically eager, making stupid jokes about how the leaders of the free world are tucking us in bed; guffawing loudly at my own wit.  Obama turns to me. "Do you still have my book by your bed? Get it out, and I'll read you all a bedtime chapter called, The American Family." I scurry to grab my copy of The Audacity of Hope and give it to him, saying, "You know, I've never cared very much about politics, but hoo wee that was a great book!"
Analysis, anyone?


B said...


rosa said...

You and your Ron Paul thing.
You know, the revolution will not be televised.

Blessed said...

Were these all in the same night?!!! What were you eating/drinking before bed?!!

I had a dream last night that is way too convoluted to explain here, although I told the girls about it today and they were intrigued and B even got upset. The gist is we were in Morocco and I was finishing packing up and making sure we had everything when an albino animal and its albino offspring (I'm thinking elephants, but don't remember for sure) went walking past the open doorway and I went out to see and stood there on the beach until a few moments later D came out and got on a donkey on top of an elephant and the animal trainer slowly led them off and I realized in a panic that they were headed for the airport and D must have thought we were already there ahead of him, so now I have to quickly finish checking the rooms (they were of course filled with things we would be crushed to leave behind, like the baby quilts my mom made for the kids) all while trying to watch which way the elephant/donkey/D procession is going--far down the road they made a right out of my sight and I was still hoping I could finish gathering stuff and somehow hope to catch up and not be hopelessly lost, since now we were no longer in Morocco but in Hyderabad, INdia, which is a huge city.

The girls said, "that must have been a nightmare!" to which I said, "yes!"

But your dreams are way weirder. ; )

rosa said...

I don't know, if mine are weirder-albino elephants?! Hyderbad?!
At least I can track down my dream's origins to the actual copy of Audacity of Hope on my nightstand (dream #3), and the fact that my sis in law loaned it to me, she lives in SF and runs marathons (dream #2). My sister, Amy, (dream #1) grew up in Hawaii, like Obama, and knows someone who teaches at Punaho High School, where Obama is an alum. She recently ran the L.A. marathon, and plans on running it again with her new boyfriend, who I just met. (dream #11) I still can't figure out why Obama and Biden were wearing yamulkes in dream #3, they were dressed like they were in the Jewish wedding scene in Thoroughly Modern Millie, or Fiddler on the Roof.

Maybe it was something I ate?
Our minds are weird and wonderful things!

Esther Montgomery said...

Came to say 'Happy New Year' and find I am reading your dreams! Hadn't expected that! Well, it does look as if, at least in your sleeping world, you are feeling happy and positive and have hope for your country. That can't be a bad beginning for 2010.

My husband has 'Dreams of My Father' beside our bed but I doubt he would be too impressed if I started dreaming enthusiastically about Barrak Obama! (Or anyone else for that matter!)

I do hope your hopes are justified. I'm finding your new president hard to grasp. He seems to have become very 'presidential' very quickly and it was the non-traditional-American-President-atmosphere about him which gave some of us here in England a bit of hope. We'll see. Fingers crossed. That kind of thing.

My son was yesterday asking me how different decades are characterised. When we came to the first ten years of this century I had to make something up on the spur of the moment so I said 'The demise of western capitalism and the rise of international terrorism'. I expect both are viewed differently on either side of the Atlantic and certainly both are impacting on our countries in different ways. With the banking crisis in this country it is the challenge to things we value - like the National Health Service - which worry us most . . . while, simultaneously, many people in the U.S.A. are struggling to see the benefits of a comparatively modest system of health care for everyone. As someone who would be dead if I lived in America (I don't dramatise - I have no money and never have done and have three life threatening health conditions) I can't but be grateful other than to live here.

I don't seem to dream much at night nowadays - and in the daytime feel edgy about the economic threats to our society . . . but I do have an unfounded expectation that 2010 will be good - when lots of things come together - so I'm hoping for a creative time. You never know, we may even get to meet you Rosa!

(Or, if you are interested in sailing - not that I've ever seen any suggestion of that in your posts (!) - there's always 2012 and the Olympics.)

That was a bit long . . . but that's what dreams do - set one off on surprising paths.


rosa said...

I agree, dreams do set us off in strange directions.
I mainly think I dreamt so enthusiastically about Obama because it has been such a novel experience to think even the least bit favorably about my own president. I haven't yet read Dreams of My Father, but I hope to soon.

I wish I was more interested in sailing. we have friends who are traveling around the world via sailboat (actually several different friends who fit this despcription.) We used to visit our friends aboard the Nomad before she put to sea, and sail with them around the Santa Cruz wharf, looking out on the Boardwalk (our own seaside amusement park.)
And I just finished Swallowdale, the second Swallows and Amazons book. That's about it for sailing.
Let's hope for a meet up this year! We are planning a Scotland trip in July, and that's at least the same landmass!

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