I Think We're Alone Now

I am alone. It is a rare occurrence, and something that I cherish. I'm not saying that I prefer a hermitage to the hurricane of activity which swirls around me daily, just that it is nice to get out of the wind sometimes.The Littles are asleep, the spouse is in an undisclosed city on the east coast, (which I will refer to as La Gran Pomme.)

The soundscape of my evening belies my solitude. I can hear appliances, and the noise of my keyboard. Typety-typety. I start to mutter to myself. I putter around in my slippers. Mutter and putter. I am going to make an awesome old lady, I can feel it. Give me some pigeons to feed and joints that can predict rain and I am all set.

I used to think that I liked being alone because I was interesting, introspective and thoughtful. This was also the era when, like Morrissey, I wore black on the outside, because black was how I felt on the inside. I wrote sad poetry. I had lunch in the graveyard across the street from my high school. I was 15, and thought Cafe Pergolesi, Oscar Wilde & the Beat poets were the height-the very outer limits-of cool. I wanted to be Winona Ryder in Heathers.
Now, in my thirties, I know the truth. I do better alone because my brain is feeble and easily distracted. I am constantly derailed by the smallest things, and lack the mental acuity to cope with more than 3 things happening at once. And I find that I cannot complete thoughts over the din of other people's vibrant personalities, brash assertions and needy agendas. And that is just the children.
All kidding aside, it is not until I am alone that I can really begin to process my life, and as I go longer and longer surrounded by people, I find myself unable to answer the following question, thrown at me often, "So-how are you? What's going on in your life?"to which I dazedly answer, "Ahhhh...finejustfine. And how are YOU?"

The youngest is awake now, holleratin' at me, so I guess my time alone is done. Lord, have mercy! (And send B home soon!)


B said...


Blessed said...

you didn't mention yesterday that you are a single mama this week! will pray all goes well and B comes home safely and soon. : )

this post cracked me up, by the way--black in the inside. oh, you and i would have so been friends back then!!!!! : )

Jenni said...

I don't know what I thought was cool when I was 15. I just know that whatever it was, I was never it. Now I mutter and putter with pride (alone or not!), and am finally accepting that cool really doesn't matter so much. Your comments toward the end (about being surrounded by people) is totally how I feel at church on Sunday mornings! People will ask how I am, and all my senses have just been completely bombarded and I'm so wrapped up in managing children and navigating the crowd that I can't even think. I have no idea how I am b/c I will be dazed and numb for the next hour until I can go crawl under a rock and process the sermon I just heard.
I hope you have enjoyed your alone time and not struggled too much w/ B gone. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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