Still Here, Just a Little Blurred As I Rush Past the Keyboard

I am on my way out the door to engage in a little of what the ancients called 'tilling the soil.' That I am already tired is neither here nor there. I am a parent! This blog could be subtitled In Which I Escape To the Garden. But I have realized as G begins to read that I don't want her to get the wrong idea. I love my children. I stay at home with them, purposefully, because of this love. I think they will see, when they are grown with children of their own that raising Littles is not for the lazy or half-hearted by any means. And I am feeling the laziness this summer. The push towards indolence, a longing for the days when I could lay on the grass and peep up at the sky between branches, idly wondering when the cabana boy would be by with a refill. (I don't know where the cabana boy imagery came from....) Anyway, there is no grassy lazing these days. The site of a supine Mommy engenders only wild bouts of Mountain Man climbing from the two-year old, that or desperate cries to do something, anything, other than lie down. And most days, I am okay with that. This too shall pass, and probably way too soon. I am trying to glory in the moments of toddler huggies, and the sound of HO singing in the back seat. And G's early morning surprise tea parties. So life is good, especially when I get to do stuff like this:
Wally Wall Pockets for Attune Foods' San Francisco Office
Shabby chic-ing at the Abbey Coffee Lounge, Santa Cruz
I also managed to pick up some clients, somehow making a passionate hobby into a little business. I have used gardening for many things, but somehow I never imagined I could make any money from it! A blessing, indeed, especially these days. So I have started working again, something I haven't done since the littlest Little was in utero. It is tiring, but heaps of fun.
But may it continue to be a source of rich contemplation & worship: the fecundity of the Maker, the joy and vitality found in working the land; the peace & plenty as well as the struggle for life that is sown into every landscape. I am where I want to be.


rosa said...

I don't know who these ancients are....

Mum said...

So funny that I should choose to check with 'rosa' today. This is a very busy season for you in your full-tilt, hands on mothering & you are doing a smashing job, my dear.

rosa said...

Thanks mum! And for your lovely support, I remain immensely grateful.......

Esther Montgomery said...

An inevitable conflict of emotions and thoughts. It must be harder for you that the weather gets much hotter than here which I would imagine is more draining.

Hope life continues well (if tiredly!).


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